#A Mar de Jurerê Properties presents the main reasons that lead our tenants to rent in the summer season with us. For over 18 years we have fulfilled all the processes of the season rentals, which results in the safety necessary for those who come to enjoy such special moments. Good accommodation on your vacation is our main mission. We are proud to make safe and transparent mediation between homeowners and tenants.

6 Reasons to rent with the sea of Jurerê real Estate

Renting a property through the virtual media requires a lot of care and mainly advice from those who know the reality of the local real estate market. In this post We the 6 main reasons that make our customers choose the Sea of Jurerê real estate as a channel to find the holiday property.

1-Accredited brokers who know the properties:


Our team of brokers is accredited and responds for their actions with the Regional Council of Realtors.

We have done extensive work of pre-verification of real estate and we have through formal documentation proof that we are dealing with homeowners who have contractual responsibility with us.

That's the difference between making remote locations with sites that can't avoid the access of "opportunistic". Every year we serve customers from scams given by false owners, who have registered properties on sites that have no responsibility for the profession of realtor and the customer who will spend their days of rest.

2-wide offers of real estate in www.mardejurere.com:

With 18 years in the market, the Sea of Jurerê real estate has conquered ample volume of real estate in Jurerê, Jurerê Internacional, Canasvieiras, Daniela and region. Throughout the year we treat the information with the owners, we make visits of inspection and adequacy of the photos, to give our tenant the reality of the property that will enjoy.

3-contract of rent season with clear bases:

The Sea of Jurerê properties has as principle the transparency in the operations between tenants and owners.  Our participation as a mediator in the management process of the lease is previously defined in contract, which gives the service takers the necessary guarantees for the contracted season rental.

4-check-in and check-out with sea support from Jurerê properties:

The Sea of Jurerê real Estate has a system of management of contracts computerized and integrated to the company's website, which helps us to ensure that the entry into the property will happen. We do previous surveys in real estate and we make reception material for our tenants. Our team, during the season period, performs check-in and check-out at the business hours. Besides this, we also create extra shifts that guarantee the accommodation of everyone who rents previously, even outside of business hours.

5-Guarantee that the property exists:

We have a collection team that deals with the utmost rigour the real estate that we make available to our customers. This ensures that the property you rent effectively exists. Each property has its documentation verified, its owners have their previous record and they comply with a list of tasks to fit our standard of quality.

6-Support during your stay:

During its stay, the Sea of Jurerê properties maintains support staff for numerous situations that may occur. In addition, we have created a series of special services to give the best comfort during the stay. We have the Concierge service that was created to provide indicative services in the area of cleanliness during your stay, car rentals, sightseeing in the region and transfer.