The time to leave the houses and apartments in Jurerê can be facilitated by following the guidelines related by our team.

3 things you need to know in checking out houses and apartments in Jurerê.

1-The schedule in advance:

Personally schedule the time for your departure and return of the keys, at least one day in advance. You can call number 48-3282-1980 and make the schedule.

2-outs out of attendance hours:

Departures between 20 hours and 8:00 in the morning, should be scheduled more in advance. Remember that additional fee will be charged for R $50.00 to be paid for the surveyer at the time of exit inspection and return of the keys.

3-Procedures for receiving the surveyor:

To receive the surveyor, let the following items arranged:

  • The trash should be separated and in a suitable place.
  • The dishes if they're dirty, they should be in the sink.
  • Bed and bath linen must stay in their dorms.
  • If the survey is not possible due to excessive dirt and clutter, it will be done after cleaning. In this case, the security will be retained until verification and the extra cleaning fee will be charged at the exit of the property.
  • Make sure you don't forget personal belongings. We are not responsible for objects left in the property.

With these tips we make clear the importance of caring for the property of the owners and the welfare of the Occupy our apartments and houses in Jurerê international and other beaches that we act.