The Sea of Jurerê real Estate knows that check-in time is very important to start the holidays so well deserved. Therefore, we highlight the main points to expedite your entry into the property.

4 Tips for making a dynamic check-in 

For the Sea of Jurerê real estate It is essential to know who will occupy the property, if the full payment has been carried out previously and if the surety is available for any eventuality. See each item that comprises a dynamic check-in:

A-the occupants

Verification of the fulfilment of the identification of the occupants and signatures of the contract holder. If the holder of the contract is not present, he must notify the realtor in charge of the contract and by defining in writing who will be responsible for the withdrawal and procedures of entry into the property.


We request that you forward the payment vouchers in advance of a minimum of 4 days for verification and registration. The company Mar de Jurerê Real estate is not authorized by the owners to let it enter the property without the full payment of the rent. We remind you that the cleaning and laundry rate should be paid in advance or in the check-in procedure.

C-the rental bail

The delivery of the leasing contract is another item of fundamental importance for receiving the keys of the property.

D-Follow-up to the property

After the signing procedure, confirmation of payment and delivery of the contract bail, the occupants will be monitored to the property by the designated developer of the Sea of Jurerê real estate. The property will be verified by the main items of basic use and guidelines for use of the property.

The basic accomplishment of these procedures will expedite your entry into the property and help you to have the best summer season.