The sales of apartments in Jurerê Internacional of properties of high standard, has as reference the Trésor Residence.  The architect Robson Nascimento wrote about the project: “We have architecturally and architecturally a residential and a large leisure area together with the privilege of living on the beach.”

Sales of high standard apartments in Jurerê Internacional: 4 differentials you need to know.

a- Social structure for a few:

The social structure in sales of apartments in Jurerê Internacional is fundamental in shaping the concept of a high standard property. We can find in the Residence Trésor the expression of the refinement, comfort, tranquility and exclusivity of its social areas. The grand entrance hall, the cozy gourmet space, the glamorous movie theater, the modern gym spaces, the swimming pools (2 outdoor and 1 indoor heated), children’s spaces and ballrooms are modernly equipped and furnished with good quality taste, make up the most complete area of ​​conviviality of Jurerê Internacional.

b- The details we do not see:

In the composition of the materials used, we define the main elements that we often do not see, and which leads to evaluative loss on the part of those who buy high-quality properties. Two examples are building automation and the technology used in remote monitoring issues, ensuring a modern security system. Others are apparent but they deserve to be highlighted, such as the details of the granite pools at the edges and sills or even the Jatobá tiles.

c- Discover apartment details:

When we think of an apartment, what comes to mind? This answered question can lead us to a myriad of possibilities. And when we enter the world of the high standard there is the need to have answers to some questions:

Which coating was used?

What materials were used on sills, sills and baseboards?

What metals and dishes were used?

What is the total private area of ​​the apartment and the area of ​​each room?

What is the thickness of the glass and materials used in the openings?

These answers will compose the basis of the apartment of high standard from the private point of view.

d- The external environment:

The high standard property demands a lot from the external environment. It helps to compose the concept. At this point Jurerê Internacional is a good example. Not only for the beautiful homes, but also for the treatment of water and sewage with high quality standard that is inserted in the quality plan of the neighborhood, and by the security system promoted by a more active Association of residents.

by Daniel