We relate some special care to safely and also with neighbouring neighbors during their stay in the real estate in Jurerê.

2 Tips for your stay in the real estate in Jurerê: What you need to know

A – On the safety of properties in Jurerê:

They follow 3 main security measures that will help in the tranquility of their summer holidays:

  • When leaving the rented property, make sure that the doors and windows have been locked. There is an alarm, remember to always trigger it.
  • Do not leave money and value objects in the real estate when you are absent.
  • If it is rented in residential condominium, make sure that the entrance hall doors, gate for bathers and garage gates have been properly closed.

b – Neighbourhood right in rented buildings in Florianópolis:

The season leases carried out by the company Mar de Jurerê properties are exclusively residential.  Therefore, we must follow the rules laid down by the condominiums and special laws regulated by the public authorities.

Observe 2 actions that will help in the neighbourhood law issues in real estate in Jurerê:

  • For knowledge ask the administrator/caretaker of the Condominium, the norms that lay down on the hours of silence and occupation of the social areas.
  • Read the municipal law (003/1999), which features urban noises and protection of the welfare and public tranquility. It clarifies the proper conduct and describes the acts that hinder the neighbourhood.

Avoid personal actions that may impair the safety, health or quietness of the neighbors, under the penalty of termination of the contract and payment of any fines. We have the good sense of the tenants to take care of the volumes of sound above those established in law.

Although Jurerê International has an active association of residents of International Jurerê (AJIN), which contributes to the safety and well being of the community, it is the function of each tenant to ensure the environment that is enjoying during its period.