We present tips for your arrival in our real estate in Jurerê International and that guide to a quiet stay. 

8 tips to start your trip to Florianópolis

 1-Real estate address in Jurerê Internacional

Note the address for removal of keys in our real estate in Jurerê International: Algae Street, 425, building Stella Maris, Sala 7, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.

2-Rental Contract

Hold the contract in printed form or electronic medium for the time of your arrival. The contract number will help our team and expedite check-in.

3-Means of payment

It is important that you have the vouchers that confirm the amounts already paid for the contract. In the case of transfers carried out in advance and not informed by sea of Jurerê, payment verification consultations shall be carried out. To enter the property there is a need for total discharge of the contract.

4-Contract bail

It is important to separate the resource for the security of the season rental contract. Check in the contract the amount of the surety, as the fulfilment of this contractual clause is a condition for entry into the property.

5 – Identification Document

Have the document in hand proving the tenant's ownership in the contract. For removal of keys by occupants related to the property, there should be prior authorization from the rental person. This exception situation should be adjusted previously with the realtor that performed the lease mediation.

6-Electric Voltage

The electric voltage of Florianópolis is 220 volt. Bring a transformer to suit equipment that is not bivolt, because we do not supply this equipment.

7-Virtual Map

To facilitate the location within Florianópolis we suggest that you have saved on your mobile the map of Florianópolis or use a GPS navigation application. Give preference to applications that show the reality of transit, to avoid excessive queues, which hinder the good use of your time.

8-Special services for your good stay

Our staff has prepared some services to increase the satisfaction and convenience during your stay: Meet the Concierge

These tips help check-in and make the way for you to enjoy your free time in the best way, enjoying the sun and sea of Florianópolis.